Tuesday, 5 September 2017

  • Revised exterior and interior design for spacious seven-seat SUV
  • Addition of new sport-inspired GT Line variant to Sorento range
  • New eight-speed automatic transmission improves CO2 and driveability
  • Range of new DRiVE WISE active safety features available
  • New infotainment system with Harman/Kardon® Premium Sound system
  • New Kia Sorento on-sale from Q4 2017

Kia Motors Europe has announced a range of upgrades to the Sorento, the company’s seven-seat flagship SUV. The new Sorento will be on public display for the first time at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show, and is due on sale across Europe from Q4 2017.

The new Kia Sorento features a refreshed exterior and interior design, and is available with Kia’s latest safety and in-car connectivity technologies. A new GT Line variant is also available, as well as an efficient new eight-speed automatic transmission for 2.2-litre diesel model.

Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe, commented: “The Sorento accounted for 15,769 sales across Europe in 2016, and it remains an important contributor to the company’s sustained sales growth. The current model has a broad appeal among buyers, with a combination of high practicality, handsome design, and good value. Upgrades to the car’s exterior and interior design, safety, and in-car technology all add to the appeal of the car and will ensure sales remain strong.”

Design: updated exterior and interior design
Kia’s designers have made a series of modifications to the Sorento’s exterior design. These include revised front and rear bumpers, new LED head- and tail-lamps, and a new dark metallic finish to the ‘tiger-nose’ grille. The result is a more sophisticated and purposeful front-end appearance. New Rich Espresso and Gravity Blue exterior paint finishes are now available, as well as a new design for the Sorento’s 17-, 18- and 19-inch aluminium alloy wheels.

Inside, the cabin features a newly-designed steering wheel and driver instrument cluster, as well as a new climate control LCD display. The dashboard also features a new Audio Visual Navigation (AVN) system (see ‘Technology’).

The new Sorento features an increased proportion of soft touch materials and leather for a more premium cabin ambience. Customers can specify the interior in single-tone (black) or two-tone (black and stone beige), with cloth or leather upholstery. Optional brown or light grey leather upholstery is also available. The driver and front passenger seats are equipped with four-way and two-way adjustable lumbar support respectively, to enhance seating comfort.

Powertrain: lower emissions from new eight-speed automatic transmission
The new Sorento is the first SUV from Kia available with the company’s new eight-speed automatic transmission. Designed in-house by Kia and launched in 2016, the transmission boasts 143 newly-patented technologies and delivers a slick-shifting, more decisive drive, while reducing emissions slightly.

The new eight-speed automatic transmission is available on Sorento models powered by the 2.2-litre diesel engine, replacing the six-speed automatic transmission (a six-speed manual transmission is also available). Compared to other automatic transmissions, Kia’s new eight-speed unit requires fewer control valves, enabling a more direct mechanical link to the engine. This allows the transmission to shift more quickly than the outgoing six-speed automatic transmission. The greater choice of gears enables more decisive acceleration, while reducing CO2 emissions from 172 to 159 g/km.

The new transmission offers four different drive modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Smart. Drivers can select their preferred mode with the Sorento’s electronic Drive Mode Select system. Each mode enables the driver to customise the powertrain’s responses to driver inputs, enhancing fuel economy or acceleration characteristics depending on driver preference. The Drive Mode Select also adapts the weight of the rack-mounted power steering system, for more relaxed or more immediate, engaging steering responses. The new Smart Mode is designed to understand and anticipate the driver’s steering preferences, automatically switching between Eco, Comfort and Sport modes. This enables the Sorento to adapt to the driver’s steering behaviour as road conditions change, pre-empting the driver’s preference for different speeds and driving environments.

GT Line: new sport-inspired Sorento GT Line model
Kia has introduced a new GT Line variant to the Sorento, further enhancing its appeal. Inspired by the appearance of Kia’s higher-performance GT models, the Sorento GT Line features a range of upgrades for added style and on-road presence. The exterior features four-lamp LED fog lights, red brake callipers, a more prominent sill step, and subtle GT Line badging designed to distinguish it from other Sorento models. Diesel models are fitted with a distinctive new chrome twin exhaust tip.

The interior of the GT Line includes the same improvements as the standard car, and also features quilted seats, finished in black leather with contrasting grey stitching and GT Line embroided emblems. In addition, the new variant features unique gear shift paddles and a series of satin chrome highlights throughout the interior.

Safety: new active safety features available
For the first time, the Sorento is available with Kia’s latest DRiVE WISE Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). DRIVE WiSE embodies Kia’s philosophy to create intelligently safe vehicles with active safety technologies designed to avoid or mitigate the effects of collisions.

The new Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system combats distracted or drowsy driving. The system monitors a number of inputs from the vehicle and the driver. It sounds a warning chime and displays a graphic in the instrument binnacle if it senses a lapse in concentration from the driver. In Europe, driver fatigue is believed to be a key factor in up to a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents across the continent*. The USA’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conservatively estimates that 100,000 police-reported crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year. In the USA, this results in an estimated 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries annually.**

Other new safety features available on the Sorento include: Lane Keeping Assist System; High Beam Assist, and full LED headlamps with Dynamic Bending Light. These new technologies make the Sorento one of the safest cars in its class.

Technology: connected touchscreen infotainment and premium audio system
The new Sorento is available with Kia’s latest 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, with navigation and Kia Connected Services powered by TomTom®. The new system offers Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, enabling full smartphone integration. Android Auto™ is designed to work with Android phones running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher; Apple CarPlay™, for iPhone 5 or newer. Within the centre console is a wireless smartphone charger, allowing users to charge their smartphones on the move.

Buyers can upgrade their Sorento with a new Harman/Kardon® sound system. The powerful 640-watt, 10-speaker surround-sound audio system. Clari-Fi™ music restoration technology rebuilds audio signals lost in the digital compression process, returning high-fidelity quality to digitally-compressed music. The system’s QuantumLogic™ Surround Sound technology extracts signals from the original recording, redistributing them into an authentic, multi-dimensional soundstage. The result is clear, refined and detailed playback of a driver’s favourite tunes.

On-sale from Q4 2017
Backed by the company’s quality promise, the new Kia Sorento is sold as standard with the company’s unique 7-Year, 100,000 mile warranty. It goes on sale across Europe from Q4 2017. UK specification and pricing information will be announced at a later stage


Body and chassis
Five-door, five- or seven-seater SUV, with all-steel unitary construction bodyshell. Choice of diesel and gasoline four-cylinder engines driving the front and rear wheels via a six-speed manual, or six-speed or eight-speed automatic transmission – depending on model.

2.0-litre / 185 ps Diesel

Type                          Four cylinder in-line

Capacity                    2.0-litres, 1,995 cc

Bore and stroke         84.0 x 90.0mm

Compression ratio    16.0:1

Max power               185 ps (136 kW) @ 4,000 rpm

Max torque               402 Nm (297 lb ft) @ 1,750-2,750 rpm

Valves                      16 (4-per-cylinder)

Emissions class       Euro Stage 6


2.2-litre / 200 ps Diesel
Type                            Four cylinder in-line

Capacity                      2.2-litres, 2,199 cc

Bore and stroke           85.4 x 96.0mm

Compression ratio      16.0:1

Max power                  200 ps (147 kW) @ 3,800 rpm

Max torque                  441 Nm (325 lb ft) @ 1,750-2,750 rpm

Valves                         16 (4-per-cylinder)

Emissions class          Euro Stage 6


2.4-litre / 188 ps Gasoline Direct Injection
Type                           DOHC, four cylinder in-line

Capacity                     2.4-litres, 2,359 cc

Bore and stroke         88.0 x 97.0mm

Compression ratio     11.3:1

Max power                188 ps (138 kW) @ 6,000 rpm

Max torque                241 Nm (178 lb ft) @ 4,000 rpm

Valves                       16 (4-per-cylinder)

Emissions class        Euro Stage 6


                      2.0 CRDi      2.2 CRDi         2.4 GDI

Manual              ---              6-sp              ---

Automatic          6-sp           8-sp              6-sp


Gear ratios
                    2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi                   2.4 GDI

                    AT                MT      AT                AT

1                  4.651             3.538   4.808             4.639

2                  2.831             1.909   2.901             2.826

3                  1.842             1.179   1.864             1.841

4                  1.386             0.814   1.424             1.386

5                  1.000             0.737   1.219             1.000

6                  0.772             0.628   1.000             0.772

7                  ---                 ---       0.799             ---

8                  ---                 ---       0.648             ---

Reverse         3.393             3.910   3.425             3.385

Final Drive 1   3.195             4.750* 3.320             3.510***

                                        4.071**                   3.648****


**5-6, reverse

***FWD model

****AWD model

Suspension and damping
Front               Fully independent by subframe-mounted MacPherson struts, with coil springs and gas-filled shock absorbers. Anti-roll stabiliser bar

Rear                Fully independent by subframe-mounted double wishbones, coil springs and gas-filled shock absorbers. Anti-roll stabiliser bar

Type             Rack-mounted electric motor driven power steering, rack-and-pinion

Gearing          14.08:1(FWD) /14.11(AWD)

Turn             2.71 lock-to-lock

Turning circle  11.34 m (FWD) / 11.36 m (AWD)

Front             320 mm ventilated discs / 340 mm ventilated discs

Rear              314 mm solid discs

Wheels and tyres
Standard        Alloy 17-inch, 235/65 R17 tyres

Optional         Alloy 18-inch, 235/60 R18 tyres

                      Alloy 19-inch, 235/55 R19 tyres

Spare            Tyre mobility kit

Dimensions (mm)

Overall length             4,800   Overall width* 1,890

Overall height**          1,685 / 1,690  Wheelbase      2,780

Front track***              1,633 / 1,628  Rear track*** 1,644 / 1,639

Front overhang           945               Rear overhang          1,075

Approach angle          16.9 deg        Departure angle 21.0 deg

Ground clearance       185

*excluding door mirrors

**with roof rails

*** 17- and 18-inch wheels / 19-inch wheels

                         1st row          2nd row          3rd row

Headroom        1,004             998               920

Legroom          1,048             1,000             805

Shoulder room 1,500             1,472            1,342

Hip room          1,439             1,433            1,05

Cargo capacities (litres, VDA)
Behind           1st row           2nd row          3rd row

5-seat            1,732             660               ---

7-seat            1,662             605               142

Weights (kg, 5-seat, FWD models)
                              2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi             2.4 GDI

                                 AT                MT      AT               AT

Curb weight              ---                 1,907   1,940        1,840

Gross weight           2,510             2,510   2,510        2,510

Trailer weight*         2,000             2,500   2,000        2,000

*braked; 750kg unbraked for all models


Weights (kg, 5-seat, AWD models)

                              2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi         2.4 GDI

                              AT                MT      AT            AT

Curb weight           1,986           1,965   1,991       1,897

Gross weight          2,510          2,510   2,510        2,510

Trailer weight*        2,000          2,500   2,000        2,000

*braked; 750kg unbraked for all models


Weights (kg, 7-seat, FWD models)

                              2.0 CRDi           2.2 CRDi                   2.4 GDI

                              AT                   MT      AT                     AT

Curb weight              ---                 1,949   1,980             1,882

Gross weight             ---                2,530   2,560              2,510

Trailer weight*          ---                 2,500   2,000              2,000

*braked; 750kg unbraked for all models


Weights (kg, 7-seat, AWD models)

                              2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi                2.4 GDI

                              AT                MT      AT                    AT

Curb weight              2,027       2,007   2,032            1,938

Gross weight             2,620       2,590   2,620            2,520

Trailer weight*          2,000        2,500   2,000            2,000

*braked; 750kg unbraked for all models



                              2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi              2.4 GDI

                              AT                MT      AT                AT

Top speed (kph)       201           205     205               195

0-to-100 kph (sec)   10.4          8.7*    9.4**             10.2***

*AWD model: 9.0 seconds

**AWD model: 9.4 seconds

***AWD model: 10.5 seconds


Economy (litres / 100km, FWD models)*

                          2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi                 2.4 GDI

                              AT                MT      AT                AT

Combined                -                5.6      6.0               8.9

Extra-urban              -                5.0      5.3               7.0

Urban                      -                 6.7      7.2               12.3

CO2 (g/km)               -               147     159              202

*on 17-inch wheels


Economy (litres / 100km, AWD models)*

                             2.0 CRDi         2.2 CRDi             2.4 GDI

                              AT                MT      AT                AT

Combined             6.7                5.7      6.2                9.2

Extra-urban          6.0                4.9      5.7                7.3

Urban                   8.1                6.9      7.2                12.4

CO2 (g/km)          177               149     164               213

*on 17-inch wheels


Notes to editors
All technical data contained in this press release and technical specification are expected targets, pending further development and homologation. All figures are subject to change.

*’Sleepiness at the wheel’, Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autoroutes & Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance, June 2013

**National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) Drowsy Driving Research and Program Plan; March 2016


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