'Cyber-style' KCV III - new concept car from Kia

Tuesday, 9 September 2003

  • Kia's first convertible-coupe has all-solar-glass automatic roof
  • Korean designed, French built, 2+2 debuts at Frankfurt Show

Kia Motors Corporation will unveil its latest concept car, the stunning KCV-III, 2+2 convertible coupe, at Frankfurt's IAA 2003 motor show on Tuesday
9 September.  Kia has created KCV-III to show how powerful emotions, the ‘cyber style' artistic movement, and young consumers' dream-world computer fantasies, can be combined and expressed in automotive terms. 

KCV-III has the appearance of a fun-to-own, ‘street toy' on the outside, but it's a ‘toy' that is packed with high technology on the inside.  Fun to drive, fun to live with, KCV-III delivers an ‘extreme driving experience' in terms of complete user enjoyment and driver involvement, plus tactile and visual excitement. 

With a fully-automatic, all-solar-glass, convertible roof, KCV-III is designed to make occupants feel part of the environment - both with the roof open and closed.  Securely in touch with the road sweeping beneath the car's wide alloy wheels and tyres, they are always aware of the landscape blurring past and the sky streaming overhead. 

Aimed at Generation Y customers, this Kia has ‘visual cool', and boasts many automatic functions, including forward-looking radar, a mobile telematics system, in-dash DVD and an MP3 player. 

The body styling of KCV-III encapsulates occupants and hardware in a multiplicity of fluid curves, while the wide stance and bulging wheel arches give the car a striking road-presence way beyond its compact dimensions.  Designed at Kia's Namyang design centre, the KCV-III was built in France by Heuliez.

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