Kia Motors Slovakia posts revenues of EUR 3.919 billion (£3.38 billion, £0.86 = EUR 1) for its fiscal year 2012

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

  • Kia invested EUR 120 million in Slovakia and launched new car models in 2012
  • Zilina plant reached a net profit of EUR 155.5 million last year
  • Zilina High performance version of Kia cee'd GT introduced at 83rd Geneva Motor Show

Kia Motors Slovakia manufacturing facility has produced a record 292,050 vehicles in 2012, a 15-per cent increase over 2011. Additionally, the company also achieved a 29 per cent year-on-year growth in engine production with 464,467 engines rolled off the manufacturing lines last year. Based on production results the plant generated the total revenues of EUR 3.919 billion. The plant exported 99 per cent of manufactured vehicles which represents the value of EUR 3.452 billion, earning Kia a net profit of EUR 155.5 million.

In January 2012, Kia launched the third work shift to prepare for volume production of the new Kia cee'd and Sportswagon. In total, Kia currently employs almost 3,900 people and is planning to produce the same output in Slovakia as last year.

The plant manufactured 292,050 cars in 2012 which were exported to all European countries. With 120,600 units of cee'd model (41 per cent), around 136,500 units of Sportage (47 per cent) and over 34,900 units of Venga (12 per cent), Sportage was the volume production model and reached a 34-percent year-on-year increase.

Kia launched full volume production of the three-door model pro_cee'd in February this year and the factory is preparing for production of the first high performance models, the three-door pro_cee'd GT and the five-door cee'd GT. Production of the 3-door GT version is scheduled in mid-May 2013. Both new versions were introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, on March 5, 2013.


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